Location: Zoom

Date: Friday 15 th May

Project: Blockstream

Role: CEO & & Chief Strategy Officer

Bitcoin: decentralised, permissionless, unconfiscatable as well as censorship-resistant. Special residential properties that make it a special kind of cash

For Bitcoin to maintain expanding, these attributes should not be endangered. Scaling services for Bitcoin, might trade off some of these attributes for various other advantages.

With the large bulk of the area in arrangement that obstruct dimensions should stay little to increase decentralisation, Bitcoin is finest scaled utilizing split services. The Liquid Network, like the Lightning Network, is a layer 2 remedy that, by giving up some elements of decentralisation as well as censorship resistance, can boost rate as well as scalability.

Liquid is a task pioneered by Blockstream as well as is targeted at investors, exchanges as well as market manufacturers to provide faster as well as a lot more personal purchases than the Bitcoin basechain. It additionally includes the capacity to develop symbols on the network.

In this meeting, I talk with Adam Back as well as Samson Mow Blockstream’s CEO & & Chief Strategy Officer. We go over The Liquid Network, the tradeoffs in between Liquid as well as the basechain, exactly how it varies from Lightning network as well as tokenised safeties.

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