Brandon Quittem released recently the last and also 4th installation of his fantastic mycelium/mushroom/medicine/ synergy collection. John Vallis, host of the Bitcoin Rapid Fire podcast, and also I both glided right into Brandon’s DMs to arrange him for a shell. I enjoy these 2 individuals and also it struck me that it would certainly be a lots of enjoyable to do this point completely. We did. This is the very first fifty percent of our 2 hr 40 min discussion – you will certainly discover the 2nd fifty percent on the Bitcoin Rapid Fire podcast feed. This was a blast, we had a variety discussion that was never restricted to Bitcoin. In the 2nd fifty percent we obtain insane planetary so make sure not to miss it. [@CitizenBitcoin]( Twitter

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Music: Moon overhead by Hobotek

Links from the episode:

Swan Signal Podcast

Swan Bitcoin – The Best Way to Buy Bitcoin

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