In the 3rd component of the six-part collection concerning Bitcoin in Africa you will certainly speak with 2 very early bitcoin adoptersbased in Harare. We mention

the various usecases for bitcoin, exactly how it can be traded to United States Dollar as well as RTGS, what the pros as well as challenges are, concerning guideline as well as what both on the internet business owners wish to inform individuals beyond Africa.

After both meetings I will certainly respond to an audience’s concern concerning the opportunities for country neighborhoods to utilize bitcoin

“Do you think that Bitcoin can help the communities in Zimbabwe?”
“Yes, it can, as an innovation, I think it helps the community. I think, if there is investment in Bitcoin knowledge, there is investment in awareness, there is investment in the like, free knowledge about it, then people can can really come through to invest in Bitcoin, they can come through to even use it. Bitcoin is a good thing, but there is need for us to preach the good about it.”

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