Welcome to episode 75 of‚& sbquo;-LRB- ************************************************************************) The Bitcoin Game, funded by eToro. I’m Rob Mitchell.

I began podcasting in late 2014, and also among the best points to occur in those very early episodes was landing an unique longform meeting with Dr. Jochen “Johoe” Hoenicke, the 2014 Bitcoin Hero. Badass white hat Bitcoin cyberpunk Johoe (a minimum of that’s what I call him) saved troubled Bitcoin UTXOs from Blockchain.info budgets prior to they might be taken by less-scrupulous cyberpunks. This sought his payments to recognizing the RNG concerns with Android Bitcoin budgets in2013 He likewise saved troubled Bitcoin from another system, which he confesses for the very first time in this meeting. Some months hereafter meeting, Johoe sensibly released a side-channel assault on a TREZOR, which at some point resulted in Satoshi Labs employing him as a TREZOR Cryptographer. Johoe’s Bitcoin mempool statistics website is yet one more payment he’s made to the area.

This is the only sound (or video clip) meeting with Johoe that I’m conscious of, and also it’s worth a pay attention if you really did not capture it the very first time. It’s also instructional, as Johoe describes principles like exactly how Bitcoin trademarks job and also what particularly failed with numerous budgets, in a manner that’s easily accessible for non-technical individuals like myself.

Hope you appreciate my very first “rebroadcast” to commemorate 75!


Johoe very first addresses duplicating R worth concern because of 2013 Android RNG pest https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=251743.msg2890179#msg2890179

Counterparty Bug initially resolved by Johoe on BitcoinTalk.org

Johoe finds the lately endangered Blockchain.info addresses

Blockchain.info Wallet


Counterparty Wallet

Johoe shows TREZOR side network assault (April 2015)

Satoshi Labs reveals employing Johoe as TREZOR Cryptographer

Johoe’s Bitcoin Mempool Statistics website


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All songs in this episode was developed by me, or is from a jam with me, Mike Coleman and also Steve Lunn.

The Bitcoin Gamebox art was developed from an image by Rock Barcellos.

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