When the Lightning Network (LN) was developed in 2015, it was rapidly welcomed by the Bitcoin area as the means to considerably scale Bitcoin’s capability. There was an assumption of LN being readily available rapidly. Rather, advancement continue much more gradually behind-the-scenes with various groups adding to a typical requirements. That specification is currently practically all set as well as in 2014 passion as well as very early task on the LN boosted considerably.

We were signed up with by Christian Decker, a core designer at Blockstream, where he services their LN customer. We reviewed the background as well as development of the LN as well as what stays when traveling to scaling Bitcoin.

Topics gone over in this episode:

  • How Christian wound up composing the globe’s initial PhD on Bitcoin
  • The vision of the Lightning Network
  • How the Lightning Network advanced in the last 4 years
  • Approaching the 1.0 requirements
  • The present state of the network
  • Why centralization issues around centers are usually misdirected
  • eltoo as well as the future of lightning network
  • The situation versus various other chains being much better layer 1 networks than Bitcoin

Links discussed in this episode:


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  • Azure: Deploy enterprise-ready consortium blockchain networks that scale in simply a couple of clicks

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