‘œ& oelig; I do not think altcoins are a hazard to Bitcoin, they are a hazard to people that hypothesize on them.’

‘” Matt Odell

‘œIt is not a cryptocurrency industry, it is a Bitcoin industry.’

‘”Neil Woodfine

Interview place: Skype

Interview day: Wednesday 2nd Jan, 2019

Matt Odell: Co-host of Rabbit Hole Recap podcast

Neil Woodfine: Marketing Director at Blockstream

2018was rather the year for the cryptocurrency room, an area which lots of maximalists do not also think ought to consist of Bitcoin. There is an expanding voice of ‘œ& oelig; Bitcoin, not crypto’, where Bitcoiners are developing a divide in between Bitcoin as well as various other cryptocurrencies as they think that Bitcoin is various as well as ought to not be tainted with the negative promotion relating to most of the various other jobs.

While Bitcoin rates have actually likewise gone down, there was a significant quantity of great information in 2018: from the increase of institutional items as well as the development of the Lightning Network.

In this episode, I speak with Bitcoin Maximalists Matt Odell from Rabbit Hole Recap as well as Neil Woodfine from Blockstream. We review what we would love to see for Bitcoin in 2019, tests Bitcoin business deal with as well as Bitcoin education and learning.

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