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Topics consist of:

— ZenCash updates on the current 51% strike

— Upcoming forks

— Let’s Talk BitCoin occasions

— Upcoming occasions advertising cryptocurrency and also blockchain technology

About the Guests:

Hannah Rosenberg is a shopping internet programmer, instructor and also business owner with a level in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She wants financial concept and also alternate money, and also came to be a very early cryptocurrency adopter and also fanatic in2012 In 2014, she was amongst the very first to be Certified as a Bitcoin Professional by C4, the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium. She is the creator of Velas Commerce, a Blockchain training and also working as a consultant company, and also is the coordinator of theChicago Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Meetup

Rob Viglione is founder of ZenCash, a decentralized blockchain-based system for exclusive deals, interaction, and also record posting. He’s likewise a Board consultant for ETHlend and alsoHeroEngine World As a PhD prospect in money, Viglione is a professional in crypto-finance, property rates, and also crypto-related developments, and also educates college training courses regarding Bitcoin and also blockchain applications.

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