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Entering the world of real estate can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. There are so many new concepts and methods for making money that it can be overwhelming. And even when you get going and start gaining ground, there are still so many other ways that you can earn even more, sometimes with hardly any additional time or money involved. Part of what drew you to the real estate industry in the first place is the income potential and the freedom of working (basically) for yourself. It is a way to get paid for the time and effort you put in while you constantly get to change and move to different locations on a daily basis if you want.

Choosing just one niche or client type can be a successful venture for some real estate professionals, but diversifying your income sources can open more doors and ensure you are always bringing in a profit, even if one market is slow. Explore some of the common and uncommon real estate choices explained throughout this book and decide which ones would fit with your personality and goals. Some people may be in this for a part-time venture while others want to be ‘moguls.’ Using this book as a guide, you can find what will work for you and go after it!

The purpose of this book is to provide the tools and resources to reach those goals through real estate ventures. Some of the concepts require you to take a greater risk for the chance at getting a larger reward while others are low risk but provide a steady income. You can choose to invest in real estate solo, partner with other real estate professionals, or even get additional training and licensure to serve more clients and markets. Whatever your goal, whatever your experience, this book will give you sound advice with details on how to successfully make a profit in this line of work.

This book highlights the following topics:

•An introduction on how to fix and flip houses for profit

•A comprehensive outline of over 10 investment strategies that can return small to large returns on your investment

•Discussion on how to flip contracts for profit without even having to invest any money or much time

•Learn how to make money on renting property

•Discover the application and benefit of doing lease-to-own

•Explore the various financial strategies you can use to make money, even while helping current homeowners along the way

•Choose or expand the clients you represent by viewing the options outlined in this book, such as homeowners, home buyers, commercial clients, and other retail investors

•Consider if developing is an income option for your success

•Generate resources for other real estate professionals to help them succeed as well as you

•Determine how to become more than ‘just’ a real estate agent

•Look beyond the traditional sources and open your mind to amazing other income generators like:

o1031 exchange

And much, much more!

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