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An Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, can be easily compared to the ubiquitous IPO – Initial Public Offering, but I would advise that you be careful doing that as there are significant differences between the two beyond the initial parallels of them being the initial offering of an instrument.
Another difference is that an ICO is the electronic and cryptographic counterpart of the IPO to the extent that it results in the funding of a company through the issue of tokens, but those tokens do not represent shares or equity in the company. Where a share indicates some form of ownership of the company, a token only represents the ability to buy something the company is selling using that token, or to sell that token to someone who is looking to transact with that company.
Before we go any further, it is important that we distinguish between a token, a coin and further understand the blockchain, at least at the surface, because the coin and the token are both based on the blockchain.

To understand an ICO and how to invest in it, you need to first start with the blockchain that it resides on and the entire ecosystem that gives rise to this technology.

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