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Bestseller in Web Marketing

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Are You Wondering How to Take Advantage of Facebook to Build Your Business? Are You Trying But It’s Not Working? This Book Shows You How!

“List Building with Facebook” is Your Key to Optimizing Your Facebook Profile and Facebook Page to Get More Customers! (Facebook, List Building & Internet Marketing)

Yes, there is a right way to use Facebook to build your business! And no, it does NOT mean you have to spend all of your time on Facebook. In this book, I not only share strategies on how to build a quality list with Facebook, but also how to manage your time so you are getting the most benefit with the least time investment.

This small business handbook for entrepreneurs & small business owners covers how to make the most from your Facebook personal profile and Facebook page – to effectively grow your business. Included is optimizing your presence on Facebook – both on your personal profile & on your Facebook page, specific strategies that you can implement now & quickly see positive results with more fans & more exposure on Facebook. In addition to properly associating your personal profile with your Facebook page, you will learn a variety of ways to engage with your friends & fans, & get them to want to come back for more! The methods covered include creating Custom Tabs, creating a Signature Experience for your fans, use of Applications and Social Plugins to enhance your friends’ & fans’ experience on your Facebook page – and in turn to add them to your email list, which is the ultimate goal of effective Facebook list building.

The book comes with downloadable a bonus strategic plan for optimizing your Facebook presence and list building strategies.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to List Building with Facebook
  • Optimizing Your Profile: Your Friends List
  • Optimizing Your Profile: Your Business Fan Page
  • Optimizing Your Profile: Your Business Page as Your Employer
  • Custom Tabs
  • Facebook Signature Experience
  • How to Create Your Own Facebook Signature Experience
  • Facebook Applications
  • Facebook Social Plugins

This is Book 8 of the widely popular “Make Money Online Entrepreneur Series”

This series is carefully designed to give you every building block you need to build a successful online business. All of the guesswork is taken away, and by following this series, you will avoid most of the common mistakes made by new and even experienced online entrepreneurs. All is revealed, nothing is left out!

About the Author

I come with over 20 years of experience building businesses on the Internet. That’s right! I’ve been on the Internet since 1993.

I have worked with several hundred businesses, from entrepreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, including 3M, Dell, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the University of Texas at Austin, and Hyundai Steel USA.

NONE of my books are about making money online by clicking a button. All of that stuff you read online from the “gurus” is total garbage. There is no easy, fast way to make millions. Sorry. If that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere for people who will lie to you and take your money. I’m not going to do that.

My passion is taking the mystery out of the Internet and explaining in clear, easy-to-understand terms how to make money online. I strive to inspire you and prove to you that you can do it, and show you the exact step-by-step process many others just like you have successfully used.

Scroll up and grab your copy today.

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