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Legalization of marijuana and prospects for investment. Whenever laws are passed, creates a huge opportunity. In 1933, Liquor prohibition was lifted in USA. This created a huge opportunity for gains for people who were alert and saw it coming. A similar trend is happening in the legalization of marijuana. Several states have allowed partial legalization for medical purposes and a few for recreational use. Canada is at the forefront with legal recreational use scheduled to commence in Jul 2018. This provides a great opportunity to reap windfall gains. But with this opportunity, comes huge risks. Many of the companies are small and will fail quickly. Many are fraudulent and will take away your money. There are banking risks, access to Finance could be a huge issue. Toronto stock exchange requires several disclosures. May stock exchanges do not allow listing. But a few will survive, do well and deliver stellar returns. The purpose of this book is to provide general information. This is not investment advise. Always consult your investment advisor before investing. Do not fall prey to scams.

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