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How To Manage Condo Investments is a beginners guide to owning and managing a condominium unit as an investment property. The book provides examples of how two amateur landlords have self-managed a portfolio or condominiums as a side-hustle, and the lessons they learned through the process. It highlights how real estate is a unique activity that involves having a stranger pay you money for the privilege of paying down your debts. The book covers topics such as: * Selecting the right type of property and why the authors focus on condos. * Handling the operations of being a landlord including maintenance, financial, and administrative set-ups, as well as dealing with insurance and the staffs of different buildings. * Managing and turning over tenants from acquiring new ones, keeping existing good tenants, and ending leases properly. * Financing your investment, protecting it from outside influences, and keeping it up to date inexpensively. * Partnering with a team of experts including real estate agents, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, general contractors, and maintenance service people to further maximize your time and ensure proper expertise is applied to situations that require it. Real world examples are provided throughout the book and samples of tenant communications, leases, and guidelines are also included. The book showcases that condo investing can be a lucrative side-hustle that can easily be handled with proper planning and organization.

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