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Review A concise yet comprehensive introduction to investing in the entire market. Suitable for those wishing to automate their investments. Rewarding, risk-efficient and tax-free. From the Back Cover Bedtime Wealth combines years of investment research and simplifies the most important concepts into a single book. This form of investing regularly outperforms professionals whilst statistically reducing risk. As this form of investing is completely automated, it is compatible with free or busy lifestyles regardless of experience. The history of the market has developed, confirmed and proven these strategies. In addition to these principles, each chapter illustrates how to begin your journey in automated investing. Furthermore, this book has wide ranging applications and can be applied to any asset such as stocks, shares, bonds and property. The wide-ranging applications of this book enabling readers to find the best investment in their desired field. Vital and indispensable, The Best UK Investment is the most important resource for finding investments that are rewarding, risk-efficient and tax-free. About the Author Bedtime Wealth is an online resource about automated income. We provide essential yet free investment knowledge. Visit our website today for our free course.

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