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This is a book about starting an investment club, and for the most part, investing is intimidating to the vast majority of people—at least it was to us. When we started out back in 2009, we had no idea what we were doing, and we wanted everyone who joined the club to be okay with that. We didn’t want to make it financially impossible to get into our club or have it be a financial burden to stay in, month to month, over a period of many years, so we chose $50 as the threshold amount for everyone’s monthly investments. Over the past nine years—much to our surprise—we have amassed quite a bit of money, and we did it together, as a group of 8-15 people, $50 at a time. Month to month, year over year, we’ve seen our money grow in ways we wouldn’t have been able to if we just kept sitting on the couch, staying intimidated by all we didn’t know. We tried, we got confused, we figured things out. We started, we stalled, then we succeeded, and we succeeded some more. We beat the S&P 500 when we didn’t even know what the S&P 500 was. Working together, month after month, we taught ourselves how to run an investment club, analyze a stock, and invest in companies we like and understand. Most importantly, we have collectively and individually begun to build wealth in a simple and exciting way. And now we want to teach you all that we learned so you can succeed, too. The moral of the story here is, JUST START. $50 at a time may not seem like much in the beginning, but over time you can add to it, and your money will grow, and then one day, you’ll look up, and you will, indeed, be “rich on fifty”. Who’s in? ================== Early reviews for Rich on Fifty: How to Start an Investment Club and Build Wealth with Friends for as Little as $50 a Month are in, and they’re GREAT! “This is a great tool for first-time and hesitant investors! The step-by-step chapters give the reader an easy to follow workbook on stock purchasing in a fun and comprehensive way. The explanations and personal accounts add much to the dialog and take a lot of fear out of the equation! Nothing dry or boring, unlike so many “how-to” books…read it, do the homework, get your friends together, and start building your portfolio!” —Maureen H. “Rich on Fifty presents a clear, interactive, easy-to-understand and guided path to 1. Determining whether starting an investment club is right for you and 2. Establishing a comprehensive foundation for your club (all the bits and pieces needed to actually form a club are discussed).” —Ruth C. “An easy read with a fun, casual, and conversational tone. I feel like I could go start my own investing club right now, even though I don’t know much about investing.” —Nathan H. “If you are interested in starting an investment club, THIS IS THE BOOK!! It is easy to read, easy to follow, easy to reference, and entertaining. This is an authentic cookbook with a tried and true recipe for creating a successful investment club. I wish I would have read this book in my 20s.” —Connie G. “Clocking in just over 100 pages, Rich on Fifty’s first foray into publishing will lead readers to learn about investing, its importance in their lives, and down the road to starting their own investment clubs. What it won’t do is sugar coat the process, lead readers to believe they have all the answers or do anything other than give readers a solid foundation to what can be a challenging and frustrating, but ultimately, financially rewarding process.” —Meredith R.

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