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Whether you want to join an existing investment club or start a club from scratch with your friends, family, and co-workers; whether your club meets in your living room or on the Internet, Investment Clubs for Dummies will show you how to reap the rewards of being a member of an investment club. It doesn’t matter how old you are—23, 43, or 63—this book will put you on the right path today.

Investment Clubs for Dummies is filled with practical guidelines and advice that explores all aspects of starting, joining, and running an investment club. In addition to showing you how clubs work, this book shares stories about real clubs across the nation—so you can see firsthand how rewarding and how fun investment club membership can be. Investment Clubs for Dummies will also help you:

  • Decided which investment club is right for you
  • Realize the work that’s involved if you want your club to be a success
  • Address all the financial and legal issues of starting your own investment club
  • Keep meetings well organized and running smoothly
  • Create strategies for making your club’s educational efforts a top priority
  • Deal with the process of investing within the framework of an investment club—from how to pick stocks to building and managing a successful portfolio

It’s a fact—investment clubs have a better record of beating the market than mutual funds. So find out how investment clubs work and get ready to take control of your financial future!Used Book in Good Condition

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