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This type of shared expenses housing is the wave of the future in the United States and around the world. But to make it a sustainable investment, new buyers, owners and volunteer board members need to understand best practices basics of how this form of housing works and have more realistic expectations of this form of carefree, maintenance free living.


– Protect property values
– Gain peace of mind
– Lessen the need for large, unexpected special assessments

Patrick Hohman, the author of the book, is a 22-year Association president, who compiled these user-friendly, colorful lessons with the help of industry experts throughout the United States.

User-friendly, full color publication with easy-to-understand graphs and graphics.
An Association Leadership Guide. Financially, is your Association running on Empty?
Are you paying attention to your biggest investment (your home)?

Educational and reference information to help you persuade your fellow owners to pay enough in fees each month to:

– Protect property values
– Gain peace of mind
– Build TRUST among co-owner neighbors
– Lessen the need for large, unexpected special assessments.


– Financial questions to ask before you buy
– Sample Reserve Studies, the foundation for long-range financial planning
– Sample checklists for preventive maintenance
– Annual budgets
– Photos and cost estimates for large, common infrastructure repairs
– Ideas for a better future.
How financially sound is your Community Association?
Good news! Together you can improve your future.

The five in-depth examples include:

Example A: Two-or Three-Story Stacked Flat, converted from a 1960s-era apartment building
Example B: Townhome/Patio Home
Example C: Mid-Rise
Example D: High-Rise
Example E: Home Owner Association of detached, single-family homes

Sections of book:

– Why Some Community Associations ARE NOT Financially Strong
– Why Some community Associations ARE Financially Strong
– Ideas to Improve the Financial Soundness of Community Associations


– Why the Growth of Community Associations is Probably Here to Stay
– Talking Points for Frequently Asked Questions
– What percentage of the budget do we set aside for reserve to be safe?
– I’ll be dead by then anyway. Why should I help pay for a new roof?
– If we raise the monthly fees, how can I ever sell my unit?
– Hired Property Management Considerations
– Credentialing and Certifications
– Fees for Property Management Services
– Common Tasks for a Community Manager
– Should Owners/Volunteers Be Paid?
– Frequently Asked Questions When Buying in an Associaton
– Assessing Association Management and Administrative Strength
– Assessing Association Financial Strength
– A Businesslike Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Association Can Be Detailed and OFten Technically Complex.
– Sample RFP for Lawn Care and Snow Management Services
– Local Resources to Help You
– For all those who serve others: Some thoughts to encourage the patience, wisdom and occasional courage you will need for this journeyUsed Book in Good Condition

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