This is a brand new PLR launch with a large front end and double OTO funnel. The concept is to give people a rundown of the 12 most popular diet strategies so they can find what works best for them.

They can read through and choose one to implement or switch it up on a month to month basis, rotating the plans so they don’t plateau and get some variety.

Front End: $17 for 60 Pages (Brand New)

These short reports can be broken up into blog posts, emails or social networking posts, too or compiled into one PDF to use as a bonus report, opt in freebie or product for sale.

The reports will each be 5 pages in length and cover the following topics, teaching the reader what it is, the potential it has for weight loss, and how to implement it:

  1. Mindful Eating Diets
  2. Calorie Control Diets
  3. Low Carb Diets
  4. Meal Replacement Diets
  5. Fasting Diets
  6. Sugar Detox Diets
  7. Meatless Dieting
  8. Paleo Diet
  9. 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet
  10. Blood Sugar Diet
  11. Mediterranean Diet
  12. Low Fat Diet

OTO #1:  $27 for 108 Pages (Brand New)

In OTO #1, each of the above 12 diet plans will have a 4-week planner created for it, plus an additional 5 product reviews reviewing books or kitchen gadgets that are specifically useful to that diet plan.

OTO #2: $12 for an Enormous Existing PLR Bundle

This is content taken from my PLR Mini Mart that will include all diet and weight loss or exercise content to help them succeed with their plans in 2018.

Tiff 😉



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