Tired of promoting video, traffic and SEO products that just don’t convert as well as they used to?

Would you like to help your list sell more and convert new leads faster by email?

10 eMails is a refreshing new product that defines how the simple solutions are often the best.  Who doesn’t need to know how to sell more by email?  Who doesn’t need to know how to write more effective email copy?  Who doesn’t want more sales?

10 eMails is an email sequence built to sell just about anything in 10 eMails or less.  The product is the result of months of research and study of the emails sequences used by million dollar marketers such as Jeff Goins,  Michael Hyatt and Pat Flynn.

The psychological hooks they use, the trigger words, timing and even pacing and tone have been incorporated into templates that use prompts to help your subscribers craft the kind of high-converting email sequence professional marketers use.



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