Hello and welcome to the “DealVids” JV Page.

“DealVids” is a new, easy to use online software to create unlimited, powerful deal pages.

Through a step by step visual builder, you will be able to create a lot of different deal pages, about: personal products, affiliate products, contests, reviews, lead pages and much, much more.

You can add a title, a subtitle, a video, a description, a clickable button and even a countdown timer. You can configure each page the way you like, making this the best deal page builder to date.

Simple, effective and totally online as a SaaS software, this is absolutely one of the best ways to get more sales, to get more opt-ins and to get straight to the profits, without losing cash with bad squeeze pages, low quality reviews and so on.

With “DealVids” you have the power to change the way you promote, forever!

Thanks a lot and see you soon on the leaderboard!
Alessandro Zamboni and Aleksander Albert



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