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This introduction provides a clear framework for understanding and analyzing securities, and covers the major institutional features and theories of investing. While the book presents a thorough discussion of investments, the authors keep the material practical, relevant, and easy to understand. The latest developments in investments are brought to life through the use of tables, graphs, and illustrations that incorporate current market information and academic research. An international content deals directly with international securities and securities markets throughout the book—along with currency management and interest rate parity. Up-to-date “Money Matters” articles reflect the latest real-world developments and are provided throughout each chapter to give readers a sense of how practitioners deal with various investment issues and use techniques. Other coverage includes an array of investment tools—presented through discussions on stocks, bonds, and other securities such as options and futures. A guide to reviewing, forecasting, and monitoring—for individuals preparing to make investments or take the CFA exam.

books,textbooks, Fundamentals of Investments, Hardcover book, 3rd Edition, Copyright 2001 781 Pages, Pearson Hall, Authors: Gordon J. Alexander, William E. Sharpe, Jeffrey V. Bailey,
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