Hi!! Fellow Internet Marketer, are you struggling on finding a landing page that let you earn money online?

Now, you are going to the right page. Since, this CPA affiliate program will completely changing your life!! Why did i say that?? When i first to heard about yoonla program, i was completely shocked with their CPA offer. It can provide you $2 – $4 per lead for simply let other people to signup the form via your affiliate link. You can earn a big cash even your referral did not purchase anything via yoonla CPA program.

how could you earn money in autopilot for joining Yoonla CPA Program?

So, how could you earn money in autopilot? There is many option, the easy method that i recommend is buying solo ads. You could buy the solo Ad from udimi . You simply need to review the comment from different solo ad provider, your goal is to find the high opt-in rate and at least 75% or above US traffic, since the yoonla program will give you $4 dollar when you get a US referral (Wow, it’s cool). So, we need to target on the Tier 1 traffic.

Commission plan on yoonla

Yoonla™ VIP Partner Program 

* Increased commission per CPA lead up to $5 or more
– A further commission rate increase may be considered for top affiliates who have a strong history of generating high quality referrals.
* VIP Bonus Commissions up to $25 per referral
– Whenever a lead referral decides to upgrade and become a Yoonla™ VIP member by claiming their Custom Setup offer inside their Yoonla members area, you will earn an instant $15. (1st Tier) Then when your VIP referrals generate VIP referrals, they will also earn $15 and you will earn another $10 for every VIP referrals they generate. (2nd Tier)
You refer 10 people for the free Yoonla Foundation membership (10 lead referrals). Out of those 10 people, 5 people become a Yoonla™ VIP and will earn you an instant 5 X $15 = $75 in VIP bonus commission on the 1st Tier.
Then when those 5 VIP referrals each also generate 5 VIP referrals, 5 X 5 = 25 VIP referrals on the 2nd Tier resulting in another 25 X $10 = $250 VIP bonus commission for you.
* Increased commission rate per sale of any upsell products inside Yoonla™ to 60%
– A further commission rate increase may be considered for top affiliates who drive quality referrals.
For the CPA leads campaign, any leads/referrals generated from the following countries attract the higher commission rate:
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Additional Earning From Yoonla

Apart earning money for promoting yoonla CPA program, you could promote other affiliate offer to your listing also. Since, you have build your list while promote your yoonla offer. In theory, it can let you earn $1 dollar per month for each member from your list. So, this is the gold mine when you in long run.

Here is yoonla official evaluations of this program.

Show you the proof of yoonla earning

Anyways, the final couple days have been fairly busy. I hadn’t put many time to do what I supposed to do, i am trying to scale the traffic and it almost hit $100 per days (I did it as soon as).

Finally, i make $1291 in 25 days!!

Here is right now’s proof:
[Image: 7kyoSA0.png]

And construct a listing of 1827 subscribers in my e-mail listing, it approximate worth $1827 per month:
[Image: TAskvPM.png]I need to be upfront to you: Yes, it’s free to join.

But in order for you to have the ability to get $2-$4 dollar for EVERY FREE LEAD you refer, you need to follow the steps belows to become a VIP member:

1. A GetResponse autoresponder account ($15 per month), this is the software that lets you store the email addresses you collect, so you are able to market to them over and over again.

2. A Yahoo Hosting Plan + Domain (Depending on what plan you take, it could be around $87 per year or $9.99 per month + $10.49 for the domain.

So the overall investment is AT WORST around $35 one time, and then $25 recurring.

That’s everything you need. Those are tools that are necessary for your online business anyways one day or another.

Here is the review on yoonla:

Get it right now, it’s completely FREE for the joing the course!!

So, what are you waiting for? You can get your FREE course first, if you found you are ready to make money online, then simply upgrade your FREE yoonla membership to yoonla VIP membership.

Let me know if you any questions,  I will answer you all the questions and willing to help you make money online.Smile

You might contact me at belows:

Skype: denniswong34


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