On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” We interview Stan Larimer and Dylan Howard of Bitshares, as they describe and clarify the marvelous versatility, performance, and success of their platform. We additionally focus on the charitable potentialities that BitShares provides as nicely.

In the second hour, we interview frequent visitor Lynn Ulbricht, mom of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged Dread Pirate Roberts of The Silk Road. She updates us on Ross’s switch to a Colorado most safety jail, in addition to on the prospects nonetheless for his potential launch after dropping his enchantment. We delve into a number of the extra egregious elements of his case in regards to the authorities’s corruption and violation of its personal guidelines. We additionally focus on the upcoming occasion in Ross’s honor on the Central Market north right here in Austin on September fifth at 7pm, in addition to the Nexus Conference in Aspen, Colorado, on September 21-23. ?‚

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