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The best-selling guide Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind, and seven years of weekly newsletters has remodeled for the higher the lifetime of numerous folks all over the world over the past decade. Our Ultimate Reality has grow to be the the de-facto reference for a lot of on all Spiritual, Metaphysical and Life topics and tips on how to realise a lifetime of peace, concord, fulfilment, happiness and fulfilment of true potential.

A Google seek for – Adrian Cooper Our Ultimate Reality – will usually show over 50,000 net pages devoted to those writings, continually rising as more and more extra folks search essential solutions on the that means of life, why we’re right here, tips on how to stay life to the total, what we ought to be experiencing on Earth and what lays forward when our time right here is over.

With the world sinking ever farther from Our Divine Source, numerous thousands and thousands of individuals intuitively really feel there’s rather more to our function on Earth than a day by day wrestle to outlive.

Our Ultimate Reality, Life, The Universe and Destiny of Mankind reveals our Divine nature and function, answering as soon as and for all of the true that means of life and tips on how to get pleasure from a lifetime of peace, concord, well being, abundance, self realisation and fulfilment, and what to anticipate when the time comes to maneuver on.

Testimonial: “It is rare indeed, when a book of this monumental importance comes along. For contained within its covers, are answers to all manner of questions spiritual seekers will certainly ask along the path. It appears that every possible topic has been covered in this book. Just a few examples include: healing, meditation, dreams, quantum physics, universal laws, descriptions of the non-physical realms and much more. Reading Our Ultimate Reality has left a profoundly deep impression on me, as I have been a seeker for most of my life. The brilliance of this book, is both that the author details all the subjects so clearly, and that these details all ring true for this reader. My advice to anyone interested learning what their ultimate destiny is, and the true nature of this multi-dimensional universe, would be to read this book.”  ~ Nicholas F. Falcone, Public Criminal Defence Attorney (Retired), Petaluma, CA.

Click “Read more” to find how Our Ultimate Reality, acclaimed as a “modern day bible” can rework YOUR life.

Our Ultimate Reality has been written in a contemporary, comprehensible, non-mystical, non esoteric easy manner comprehensible by folks of all ages, nationalities and life circumstances, setting out in a concise, logical, straightforward to comply with format, all you could know to be able to perceive, pursue and realise your individual true life potential and future, as humanity transitions from an period based in darkness and ego, selfishness and taking, to a brand new period based in Light and Love, compassion and giving. While this will not appear to be the case with the world within the unhappy state it’s at this time, because the saying goes, “it is always the darkest before the dawn”. All humanity is getting into a brand new daybreak. Every single human being is right here to assist dispel the darkness and to take part in bringing forth an excellent new period of Light for humanity.

Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind is the companion and de-facto reference on dwelling and the that means of life for numerous folks all over the world. Click beneath and skim on to find out how this guide can assist you as nicely.Here is the entire checklist of chapters contained inside this life-changing guide and what you’ll uncover that may rework your life doe the higher because it has numerous others. 

Chapter 1. The Nature of the Universe: In this chapter you’ll, from the outset, start to find the true nature of the infinite Universe through which we stay and transfer and have our Being. This is just not associated in any method to the so known as “big bang theory” of science.

Chapter 2. Definition of God: The true definition of God the Universe versus the non secular definition of God.

Chapter 3. Hinduism: This is the primary in a sequence of chapters that compares, contrasts and analyses the most important non-dogmatic perception methods of the world, and the way they describe, educate and agree with Universal actuality.

Chapter 4. Taoism: Another of the good and historical traditions encompassing nice knowledge from which everybody can study.

Chapter 5. Buddhism: Buddhism enjoys a substantial variety of followers all over the world and never with out purpose. Discover the how Buddhism approaches the traditional mysteries together with the “paths” forming the idea of this historical tradition.

Chapter 6. The Wisdom of the West: Aside from the favored, orthodox, dogmatic Western religions, there are additionally many historical and nice sources of knowledge of the Western hemisphere, that everybody will profit by understanding perceive.

Chapter 7. The Principle of Mentalism: This is without doubt one of the nice Universal Principles that’s at all times current inside our lives. Discover how The Principle of Mentalism is liable for many so known as “psychic” and plenty of different “phenomena”.

Chapter eight. The Principle of Correspondence: Another necessary Universal Principle, educating the reality that there’s direct correspondence between all nice planes of actuality, simply as there’s in life.

Chapter 9. The Principle of Vibration: Discover the necessary reality about Vibration and its relationship with Energy, collectively constituting the material of the Universe underneath the affect of Mind.

Chapter 10. The Principle of Polarity: Find out how the Polarity Principle manifests within the Universe and in bodily life.

Chapter 11. The Principle of Rhythm: Discover how Rhythm impacts every little thing within the Universe together with you and everybody and every little thing round you. Understanding this Principle will enable you to to know different issues influencing your day by day life.

Chapter 12. The Principle of Cause and Effect: The Principle of Cause and Effect is without doubt one of the most necessary and exalted Universal Principles. Discover why that is so, the way it causation impacts you, and the way to make sure the consequences you expertise those you actually need.

Chapter 13. The Principle of Gender: Discover how every little thing within the Universe, not simply people, natural world, has each masculine and female facets.

Chapter 14. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes: Discover the that means and symbolism behind this essential and historical textual content discovered inscribed on a inexperienced pill, symbolically documenting the character of the Universe and the way the Universe itself got here into being.

Chapter 15. The Kaballah: A philosophy and custom originating in historical Judaism and an necessary Western supply of Universal knowledge.

Chapter 16. The Wisdom of Quantum Physics: Quantum Physics has emerged over the past century or in order an especially necessary supply of understanding of the character of the Universe at a scientific versus mystical degree. This actually is extraordinarily necessary information that everybody must know, perceive and reconcile with the knowledge of the ages.

Chapter 17. The Wisdom of the Ages: Discover how, regardless of the numerous totally different religions, traditions and cultures of the world, there’s in the end just one reality of the World and of the ages.

Chapter 18. Wisdom from the Inner Spheres: Discover how Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences are so worthwhile in discovering our true immortal nature, and of the vacation spot for most individuals after the change often called “death”.

Chapter 19. The Universe of Vibration: Learn extra concerning the Principle of Vibration, which, along with Energy is totally basic to the whole Universe and every little thing throughout the Universe in any respect ranges of life and actuality.

Chapter 20. The Principle of Cause and Effect: Find out extra about probably the most exalted of the Universal Laws, Causation, and the way this information is extraordinarily necessary to you. Everyone wants to know how results come up from corresponding causes.

Chapter 21. The Universal Elements: Learn the significance of the Universal Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These are nothing no matter to do with the acquainted Earth substances of the identical identify, however are traits of Energy and constructing blocks of life.

Chapter 22. Vital Energy: The whole Universe in all planes of life is a manifestation of aware, clever, vibrating Energy, recognized by many names. Discover extra about Energy and Its significance to all life, and every little thing in existence.

Chapter 23. Psychic “Phenomena”: In latest years so known as “psychic phenomena” have grow to be more and more extra excessive profile. Discover the fact behind these so known as “phenomena”.

Chapter 24. Remote Viewing: Remote Viewing has grow to be well-known lately due largely to its covert use by main governments for accumulating data on the actions and secrets and techniques of different governments. Find out extra about distant viewing and the way it works.

Chapter 25. Telepathy: Learn concerning the actuality of telepathy, the pure means of speaking between Minds.

Chapter 26. Karma: Find out the reality about karma and the way it impacts you in addition to everybody else.

Chapter 27. The True Nature of God: Discover the true and wonderful nature of God versus the personified deity known as “God” by the varied main dogmatic religions of the world.

Chapter 28. The Truth concerning the Change often called “Death?”: This is no doubt some of the necessary chapters within the guide. Everyone should know the reality concerning the change often called “death”, and the place you’ll go after “passing on”. Discover additionally how your ideas, beliefs and expectations amongst different necessary elements will affect your vacation spot, and the way they have an effect on family members after their passing.

Chapter 29. Animals After Passing: Many folks and religions of the world consider that people maintain a privileged standing throughout and on the finish of “life”. Discover the reality about animals after passing.

Chapter 30. Ghosts: Find out the info concerning the departed people typically often called “ghosts”, and concerning the phenomena of “haunting”.

Chapter 31. Reincarnation: Discover the necessary reality about mysteries, understood by only a few, of reincarnation. The reality of reincarnation is totally important data that everybody ought to know and perceive.

Chapter 32. Suicide: Learn what actually occurs to these those that really feel so compelled to take their very own bodily life.

Chapter 33. The Inner Bodies: Find out concerning the “invisible inner bodies” that all of us have along with the acquainted bodily physique, and what they imply to you.

Chapter 34. The Astral Body – The Soul: Discover the true nature of the Astral Body, also called the “Soul”.

Chapter 35. The Mental Body – The Immortal Spirit: Learn all about the actual “You”, who You actually “Are” and the significance of the character of your Spiritual “body”.

Chapter 36. The Higher Self: Find out concerning the true nature Higher Self and Its significance to you in your path and in life.

Chapter 37. The Physical Universe of Matter: The bodily Universe of matter through which we’re focussed for now is just not all it appears. Find out the key of what the bodily Universe actually is, particularly relative to the Universe of Energy as an entire.

Chapter 38. The Planes of The Non-Human Mind: In addition to the degrees of consciousness that represent the degrees or planes of the Human thoughts, there additionally exists many different ranges of consciousness and Energy that features every little thing in existence together with all animal, vegetable and mineral life. Find out about these nice planes of life.

Chapter 39. The Planes of The Human Mind: These are the degrees of consciousness presently occupied by the varied ranges of the human Mind in accordance with particular person Spiritual evolution. Discover the vary of ranges of Energy and consciousness presently occupied by people, the place people at the moment are on the Universal scale of life, and the place we’re going.

Chapter 41. The Outer Astral Planes: Discover the darker traits of the decrease Astral Planes and what kind of folks discover themselves there after passing over from the bodily world

Chapter 42. The Belief System Territories: I can not stress sufficient that that is completely essential data for anybody who holds any form of non secular perception. If you might be maintain any non secular beliefs, you should learn this and take discover whilst you nonetheless can.

Chapter 43. Lower Level Astral Entities: Learn all concerning the decrease degree Astral entities, what number of of them come into being, and the way they will adversely have an effect on folks dwelling within the bodily world.

Chapter 44. The Mid-Astral Planes: Once once more that is completely essential data for everybody with out exception. This is the place most “decent” folks will discover themselves after the change often called “death”. What you count on and consider about “dyeing” and “death” could make an enormous distinction to your individual expertise earlier than, throughout and after the change often called “death”

Chapter 45. The Inner Astral Planes: Often erroneously is aware of because the “upper Astral Planes”. Discover the realities of those idyllic worlds, typically often called the “Summerland”, and the character of people who’ve developed to those peaceable, harmonious spheres.

Chapter 46. Fairytale Beings: Most folks have heard of the youngsters’s favourites from their favorite books, the “Fairies”, “mermaids”, “gnomes” and different mystical and charming Beings. Learn all about these Fairy Tale Beings and of their true nature.

Chapter 47. The Mental Planes: Also often called the Spiritual planes. Discover the glories, splendours, concord, peace and tranquility of the interior spheres of life, past type, that individuals transition to after finishing their experiences throughout the Astral realms.

Chapter 48. The Celestial and Cosmic Planes: The Celestial and Cosmic planes embody probably the most exalted spheres of life, the very best ranges of the Mental planes. Learn concerning the Spirits who, having transcended the training experiences and quest for perfection within the Astral and decrease Mental Planes, now reside inside these wonderful spheres of life and actuality that await everybody sooner or later.

Chapter 49. Angels: Almost everybody could have heard of “Angels”, typically depicted with wings and recognized by such well-known names as Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Auriel and Metatron. Learn all about these beings and what they are surely and what they symbolize.

Chapter 50. The Holy Guardian Angel: Most folks have heard of the “Holy Guardian Angel” and maybe that everybody may even have one. Discover the true actuality of the Holy Guardian Angel, and put together to be stunned.

Chapter 51. Spirit Guides: While we stay out our lives on planet Earth it’s typically mentioned that we’ve Beings, typically often called “guides” watching over us from the interior worlds of the Astral. Discover the actual reality about Spirit guides and the companies they gladly provide.

Chapter 52. Communications With The Inner Spheres: We are by no means alone. Spirits, excessive Intelligences of the interior spheres of life and actuality are endeavouring to contact us in many alternative methods. to help us on our path. Find out all concerning the strategies used to facilitate this.

Chapter 53. Psychics: A search on the Internet at this time will reveal quite a few so known as “psychic services”, ceaselessly being supplied by the use of “premium rate” phone companies charging a number of or typically even many per minute. Discover the actual reality behind many of those so known as “psychic hotlines”.

Chapter 54. Psychic Mediums: Find out what “psychic mediums” actually are, what they will genuinely provide, whether or not you need to use such a service, and what to be careful for in case you resolve to take action. Do not search a psychic medium till you’ve learn this chapter.

Chapter 55. Genuine Psychic Services: Find out what to look out for in case you do resolve to make use of any form of “psychic service”. Do not use any “psychic service” with out first studying this chapter.

Chapter 56. The Ouija Board: Many folks innocently consider the Ouija board to be innocent enjoyable. Discover the reality behind the Ouija board. Warning – don’t use a Ouija board once more till you’ve learn this chapter – even in case you dare use one once more afterwards.

Chapter 57. Trance Mediums: Many mediums place themselves right into a state of “trance” earlier than “channeling” data from interior sources. Learn all about trance mediums and their talents, and the kind of communications and data concerned.

Chapter 58. Materialisation Mediums: Materialisation is a a lot much less frequent than different types of mediumship however rather more “spectacular” and compelling. Find out about this spectacular and necessary kind of Spirit communication.

Chapter 59. The Direct Voice: Of all forms of mediumship with materialisation, The Direct Voice, along with materialisation to which it’s intently associated by means of the medium of Ectoplasm, is one probably the most compelling and, from the standpoint of proof of the continuity of life after the dying of the bodily physique probably the most worthwhile. Find out about communications by The Direct Voice on this chapter.

Chapter 60. Electronic Voice Phenomena: In latest years appreciable progress has been made in using digital devices to file Spirit voices. This is one thing that anybody in any respect can do with the best tools. Learn all about how EVP works on this chapter.

Chapter 61. Instrumental Transcommunication: ITC is a very superior type of EVP whereby as a substitute of utilizing present digital units to file Spirit voices, specifically designed tools is getting used to speak with Spirits. Learn all about these newest developments and the way ITC is progressing on this necessary space of communications with the Astral spheres

Chapter 62. Channeling Conclusion: In this chapter we overview the whole topic of channeling and what it actually means to us at this time in actual and sensible phrases, notably when it comes to its true worth for speaking with Spirits.

Chapter 63. Contact With The Inner Spheres: This is the primary in a sequence of chapters discussing this most necessary topic. The way forward for Spiritual communication and buying worthwhile data is direct contact with the upper spheres. Discover how and why on this chapter.

Chapter 64. Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance fairly actually means “clear seeing” and often refers to viewing the bodily Astral Worlds past the restrictions of house and time. Find out all about clairvoyance and how one can develop the power of clairvoyance as nicely.

Chapter 65. The Akashic Record: Much as been mentioned concerning the “Akashic Record” or “Akashic Library” because the “Library” of the Universe the place all information from all planes is perpetually saved. Find out extra about this nice Universal data supply and the way it may be accessed.

Chapter 66. Astral Projection: Astral Projection is by far some of the necessary talents you’ll be able to study. Discover the profound advantages of studying Astral projection on this chapter.

Chapter 67. Three Astral Projection Methods: Learn the three greatest strategies for Astral Projection so you can also benefit from the appreciable advantages of this very worthwhile means.

Chapter 68. The Out of Body Experience: Together with Astral Projection to which it’s associated, The Out of Body Experience can also be a really worthwhile means. Learn all concerning the traits, significance and worth of Out of Body Experiences.

Chapter 69. Three OBE Methods: Learn the three greatest strategies for attaining Out of Body Experiences. Once realized you’ll most actually need to go “out of body” as typically as doable.

Chapter 70. The Near Death Experience: In addition to the self-induced strategies of leaving the physique, the Near Death Experience is a really related expertise however occurs involuntarily in conditions that end in a “temporary physical death”. Discover what the “Near Death Experience” is, and what occurs and is experiences in these “near death” conditions. 

Chapter 71. Progression Through Life: Discover the reality of how and why folks usually progress by means of every bodily life and what it truly means within the nice scheme of issues. This is essential data for everybody wishing to attain true progress.

Chapter 72. Deep Physical Relaxation: Learn some of the necessary and basic talents for a variety of worthwhile experiences. Deep bodily realxation is without doubt one of the conditions to many interior talents.

Chapter 73. Concentration: With deep bodily rest, focus is one other very basic means to study and observe to be able to obtain a variety of interior and life-changing experiences. Discover the profound advantages of focus.

Chapter 74. The Practice of Concentration: Learn the power of deep focus, and begin to make actual progress in lots of necessary facets of your life and evolution.

Chapter 75. Meditation: Meditation is one other profoundly worthwhile, basic and life-changing means. Discover the worth and advantages of meditation and what might be achieved throughout meditation.

Chapter 76. The Practice of Meditation: Learn the observe of meditation for your self and benefit from the appreciable advantages that meditation will convey.

Chapter 77. Twin-Hearts Meditation: The Twin-Hearts is a particular meditation that can convey with it varied particular and worthwhile advantages. Learn all concerning the Twin-Hearts Meditation and tips on how to observe it.

Chapter 78. The Human Paradox: This is an especially necessary chapter that everybody ought to absolutely perceive. Discover the reality of your individual actuality and “existence” and tips on how to lastly free your self. “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

Chapter 79. The Eternal Now: Discover the persistent phantasm of “time” and the highly effective reality of “Now”.

Chapter 80. The Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is without doubt one of the strongest and necessary of the Universal Principles. Everyone with out exception wants to know this necessary Law to be able to take actual management over your life, abundance, well being and happiness. See introductory article on The Secret film and The Law of Attraction.

Chapter 81. The Truth About Money: Most of humanity stays a slave to the idea of “money”. Discover the actual reality about cash and you’ll most actually by no means take a look at cash in the identical manner once more.

Chapter 82. The Power of Positive Thinking: Learn the significance of constructive considering and the constructive affect it has over your life.

Chapter 83. Affirmations: Many folks have already found the profound affect that affirmations can have on their expertise. Learn and utilise the good energy of affirmations in your life.

Chapter 84. Powers of The Imagination: Imagination is the most important inventive drive within the Universe. Learn how one can harness your individual powers of creativeness for a variety of worthwhile functions, and grow to be a aware co-creator within the Universe

Chapter 85. Creative Visualisation: Creative Visualisation is a side of the creativeness which, as soon as realized, can help you in attracting something you want for want or want. Discover why that is.

Chapter 86. Practice of Creative Visualisation: In this chapter you’ll discover ways to observe inventive visualisation to be able to entice something you want, want for or want into your life.

Chapter 87. Other Senses of The Imagination: In addition to visualisation, study concerning the different powers of the creativeness that can be utilized to additional improve the

Chapter 88. The Power of Emotions: Discover the significance of feelings within the course of of making your individual actuality.

Chapter 89. Creating Your Own Reality: This is without doubt one of the most necessary chapters for these wishing to vary your life for the higher. To uncover tips on how to change your life for the higher, and entice every little thing you want for want or want, you actually should learn this chapter.

Chapter 90. Harmonising Your Desires: This is one other very extraordinarily necessary chapter which teaches one other basic side of attracting your needs, wants and needs

Chapter 91. Let Go and Let God: Learn the significance of “Let Go and Let God” in your ongoing life. Without understanding and practising this necessary Principle you can’t get pleasure from full success in your Life – or past.

Chapter 92. The Joy and Power of Giving: Discover the facility of giving, not solely to assist others, but additionally to draw extra into your individual life.

Chapter 93. The Joy and Power of Healing: Discover the immense therapeutic powers that all of us probably get pleasure from.

Chapter 94. Pranic Healing: Pranic Healing is a type of Energy primarily based therapeutic. Learn extra about Pranic Healing.

Chapter 95. Reiki Healing: Reiki might be one of the best recognized of Energy therapeutic strategies. Find out extra about Reiki therapeutic.

Chapter 96. Healing Yourself and Others: Discover the enjoyment and advantages of therapeutic your self and others. Never see a physician once more.

Chapter 97. The Principles of Healing: Learn the ideas of therapeutic.

Chapter 98. The Practice of Healing: In this chapter you’ll discover ways to use Energy to heal your self and others of any ailment over any distance. This is significant, should know data in case you want to acquire whole management over each side of your therapeutic, well being and wellbeing.

Chapter 99. Living Your Own Reality: Discover the profound advantages of dwelling your individual actuality as a substitute of dwelling your individual life in accordance with the controlling affect of others!

Chapter 100. Our Ultimate Destiny: Find out about our final future as Spiritual human beings. This is a chapter that everybody should learn.

Chapter 101. Know Thyself: Learn the significance of actually figuring out who you might be and your true religious nature

Chapter 102. Subjugating the Ego: This is yet one more extraordinarily necessary chapter in your ongoing Spiritual evolution. Discover the good significance of subjugating the calls for of the ego. True progress can’t be made with out subjugation of the Ego.

Chapter 103. Practice of Subjugating the Ego: In this chapter you’ll study the important information required for precisely tips on how to transcend the calls for of the Ego. Again, true progress is simply not doable with out subjugating the Ego, and due to this fact this chapter is totally important studying for everybody wishing to make true progress and obtain additional Spiritual evolution – and that ought to imply you.

Chapter 104. Equilibrium of the Soul: This. along with subjugation of the Ego, is one other extraordinarily necessary side of true evolution. In order to progress you could stability the attributes of your Soul. Discover precisely how on this chapter.

Chapter 105. Transmutation of Negative Attributes: Autosuggestion is said to, however not the identical as affirmations. Learn how you should use autosuggestion to make constructive modifications in your life by transmuting adverse attributes into their polar reverse constructive attributes.

Chapter 106. Dreams: Your goals are probably an especially necessary indicator of your life experiences in addition to previous, current and future conditions. Learn all concerning the significance of goals on this chapter.

Chapter 107. The Dream Journal: To maximise the good thing about your goals a dream journal is essential. Discover why that is and how one can begin to bear in mind and file your goals.

Chapter 108. The Inner Voice: Another extraordinarily necessary chapter! Learning tips on how to hear and heed the interior voice is extraordinarily necessary each in your bodily life, and in your onwards and inwards development. Learn why that is so and what you are able to do and discover ways to hear and interpret the messages of the interior voice to profoundly affect your life for the higher.

Chapter 109. The Flow of Life: Learn concerning the excellent move of life within the Universe, the way it impacts you and the place every little thing suits into the Divine order of the Universe.

Chapter 110. Respect For All Life and Truth of Nutrition: Discover the significance of at all times having respect for all life and the way it pertains to the best way people regard meals. Your angle in the direction of life and the way you consider and deal with different creatures, crops and different types of life, together with within the context of vitamin, could have a profound affect by yourself life. This chapter is essential studying

Chapter 111. Selfless Unconditional Service: This is without doubt one of the most necessary chapters within the guide. You can not actually progress with out studying and making use of these necessary Principles in your life

Chapter 112. The Lessons of Life: It could be pointless to easily undergo the motions of every lifetime with out studying the precious classes that you just got here right here to study to start with. Discover the significance of those classes in your individual private evolution

Chapter 113. Pure Unconditional Love: Discover the actual reality behind probably the most highly effective drive within the Universe, what it truly is and what it means to you and your individual evolution

Chapter 114. The Transition of the Ages: As we quickly method this date, initially related to the “end of the Mayan calendar”, uncover the numerous situations related to 2012, and what they actually imply to you, all life, and the planet Earth. It is extraordinarily necessary to completely perceive what the doable results on all life and Earth Herself as we expertise the transition of the ages

Chapter 115. Our Ultimate Reality: And lastly uncover our true function, Our Ultimate Reality.

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