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High Quality Facsimile Reporduction: Scratchley, Arthur, 1821-1897 :Industrial funding and emigration, being a treatise on profit constructing societies, and on the final ideas of associations for land funding and colonization; with an appendix on compound curiosity, tontines, and life assurance 1851 [FACSIMILE] Originally revealed by London, Parker in 1851. 416 pages. Book can be printed in black and white, with grayscale photographs. Book can be 6 inches vast by 9 inches tall and tender cowl sure. Any foldouts can be scaled to web page dimension. If the e book is bigger than 1000 pages, it will likely be printed and sure in two components. Due to the age of the unique titles, we can’t be held answerable for lacking pages, pale, or reduce off textual content.

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