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“This book unlocks the secrets of the supply chain’s missing link…professional surplus asset management.”–Kristina Waters, Cox Communications “An essential desktop reference to help identify and dispose of surplus assets in the most efficient and profitable manner.” –Kris Eigenbrood, Campbell Soup Company Every company entity has surplus property. This guide gives a transparent means for these answerable for disposing of these property to appropriately worth and market these no-longer-needed gadgets in essentially the most cost-effective and worthwhile method. From computer systems and cell phones to processing tools and whole manufacturing amenities, be taught the perfect practices for skilled (and worthwhile!) surplus asset administration. Investment Recovery has been the lacking hyperlink within the Supply Chain, so this handbook solutions the numerous questions that offer chain buying administration should clear up. “An essential review of the challenges–and solutions–to surplus asset management.” –Todd Thompson, Colorado Springs Utilities “In the complexity of our increasingly ‘green’ society, we must try to ensure that we are not only returning value to our bottom line, but also the world we live in.” –Marty Owens, Dow Chemical Company “An informative and helpful desk reference for all that is Investment Recovery and improved supply chain management.”–Ronald Sizemore, BASF

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