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The 100+ image information to flipping homes. Learn methods to consider and establish properties for flipping. This e book explores methods to:

•Perform due diligence and web analysis
•Research comparable gross sales (“Comps”) & calculate an ARV
•Walk via a property intelligently
•Identify good vs. unhealthy circumstances. Flag adverse elements
•Evaluate restore estimates
•Calculate a suggestion value

I’ve seen a whole bunch of homes and that is my collected data in consequence. And this data could possibly be utilized to your native market so you may PICK YOUR FLIP.

“To those hunting for fortune. You are bold and fortune favors the bold.”

Table of Contents (Overview)

I. Finding Properties
II. Due Diligence
III. Property Viewing (Process)
IV. Good vs. Bad Property Conditions
V. Rehab Potential
VI. Negative Factors
VII. Repair Estimates
VIII. Calculate Offer Price
IX. Making An Offer
Addendum I: Sample Inspection List
Addendum II: “Black Swan” Cashflow Properties
Addendum III: Helpful Resources

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