July 1st @ 11 A.M. EST – PLR Launch – 3-Tier Funnel

FE: 20 Brand New Articles for $7

1. The Definition of Bugging Out Can Vary
2. Pros and Cons of Bugging Out Versus Bugging In
3. Picking the Best Location for You to Bug Out
4. Practice Your Bug Out Scenarios for a Seamless Escape
5. Strategies You Need to Learn for a Bug Out Situation
6. The Importance of Speed in a Bug Out Situation
7. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself and Your Supplies When Bugging Out
eight. When Bugging Out, Awareness Is Key
9. Bugging Out with the Right People
10. What Does It Mean to Be a Gray Man During a Bug Out Event?
11. Study Human Psychology to Help You Navigate Treacherous Situations
12. Physical Fitness Prepping for a Bug Out Scenario
13. How Heavy Should Your Bug Out Bag Be Realistically?
14. Regional Threats to Be Aware of When Bugging Out
15. Check Your Bug Out Bag for Sounds
16. Use Unscented Toiletries When Bugging Out in Dangerous Situations
17. Don’t Multi-Task When You’re Bugging Out
18. Understanding the Terms Bug Out Bag, Inch Bag and Go Bag
19. See Which Items You Can Combine to Save Space
20. Place Extra Supplies Along Your Bug Out Routes and Secondary Paths

OTO: 35 Brand New Product Reviews for $17

1. Bug Out Bag
2. Daypack
3. Water Filtration
4. Water Storage Bottle
5. First Aid Basic
6. First Aid Severe
7. Military Survival Guides
eight. 550 Paracord
9. Compass
10. Maps of Your Local Area and State
11. Radio
12. Proper Shoes
13. Shelter
14. Appropriate Clothes for Different Seasons
15. Mess Kit
16. Firestarter
17. Portable Fuel Source for Cooking
18. Small Game Traps
19. Something to Hunt Small Game
20. Bug Spray and Sunscreen
21. Dental Hygiene Products
22. Multitool
23. Flashlight or Other Light Source
24. Rain Jacket
25. Area-Specific Clearing Items
26. Work Gloves
27. Predator Deterrents
28. Signaling Devices
29. GPS Device
30. MREs and Other Premade Foods
31. Binoculars
32. Chemical and Biological Threat Gear
33. Sturdy Fixed Blade Knife
34. Beginner Lockpick Set
35. Sunglasses

OTO 2: Existing Bundle of Survival PLR Worth $304 for $27 (Over 90% Off)

1. SHTF Survival Basics PLR Funnel (Value $65)
2. Survival Prepper MEGA PLR Pack (Value $58)
3. Ebola Outbreak eBook (Value $40)
4. Self Defense Survival OTO (Value $33)
5. 2016 Survival PLR (Value $31)
6. Self Defense Survival FE (Value $20)
7. Pandemic PLR Articles (Value $17)
eight. Ebola Product Reviews (Value $15)
9. Survival PLR (Value $7)
10. Setting Up a Shipping Container Survival Home (Value $6)
11. Survival Prepping on a Budget (Value $6)
12. Setting Up Your Survival Seed Bank (Value $5)
13. Survival Keyword List (Value $1)



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