Before there was Let’s Talk Bitcoin, there was Agorist Radio….

A very long time in the past, I used to be looking across the anarchist components of the web and stumbled upon an internet site referred to The web site was house to a number of podcasts with titles akin to “Cypherpunkd”, “The Agorist Social Club”, “Coinbase”, and “Reality Exploit Roundtable”. Each podcast was hosted by Hiro White, the admin of the Agorist Radio web site, with a slew of various company and co-hostsincluding Indee, Plato, Smuggler, Voodoo, and Wiseguy. The subjects they lined included 3D printing, cryptography, darknets, drones, surveillance know-how, Temporary Autonomous Zones, and digital money systemssuch as Loom, OpenTransctions, andbitcoin – amongst many different fascinating subjects.

Prior to listening to those podcasts, I had solely heard of bitcoin in passing and by no means regarded into it in any respect.After a month or two of binging on these podcasts, I used to be fully bought on bitcoin. The podcasts gave me extra thanenough data to pique my curiosity, and additional exploration on thebitcoin wikiled me deep down a rabbit gap that I’ve but to emerge from.

By blind luck and sheer coincidence, since first discovering Agorist Radio I havehad the pleasure of assembly the entire hosts of Agorist Radio podcasts in particular person besides Plato (who I imagine continues to be round within the on-line bitcoin communities) andSmuggler(who I hear goes to be talking on theHackers Congress in Praguethis October, so there would possibly nonetheless be an opportunity!). They are all tremendous sensible, tremendous good guys to whom I owe an incredible debt of gratitude for producing these nice podcasts and turning me on to bitcoin.

Without additional adieu, please take pleasure in my assortment of the whole*Agorist Radio catalogue:

Listen intently -you would possibly simply acknowledge a well-recognized voice on just a few of them 😉

* I imagine Ihaveevery episode of each Agorist Radio podcast ever printed on-line, but when I am lacking any and you’ve got a duplicate, please let me knowso I could make a duplicate and add it to the assortment!

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