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It’s 2017 and plenty of property consultants are claiming, with good motive, that ‘purchase to let’ is useless. However, property stays the nation’s favorite asset class. In this e book, Frazer Fearnhead, founding father of the world’s first property crowdfunding platform, The House Crowd, explains why the normal mannequin of purchase to let property funding is now not an efficient method to construct your wealth and how one can entry bigger scale property investments with superior returns through the brand new property crowdfunding platforms.

  • How to find out your individual funding standards
  • How to beat the averages when investing
  • How to analyse a property funding
  • Why conventional purchase to let is now not viable
  • How crowdfunding works
  • The various kinds of crowdfunding
  • Equity investments v debt investments
  • The dangers of crowdfunding and how one can mitigate them
  • How to pick the precise platform(s) to work with

“An invaluable and enlightening insight for your financial future”
-Nigel Beverley (crowdfunding investor)

“This book shows how I can secure my family’s future through property investment, whilst avoiding the usual hurdles. It gives me peace of mind that crowdfunding platforms exist and, more importantly, that they are run by real property experts.”
-Gareth Clements (crowdfunding investor)

“I’m retired and always looking for the best way to boost my income each year. This guide is essential reading for anyone who wants to control their own investment decisions. Why didn’t someone tell me about this brilliant alternative form of investment before now.”
-Paul Stallard (crowdfunding investor)

“Frazer has written this book using common English words which are spoken by most people everyday, which makes this book a joy to read. It is almost like a modern courtroom drama with the various points discussed, analysed , the evidence being carefully considered as the reader is guided through this book with short chapters , and a complete lack of waffle or flannel (If you prefer). I wished that Fraser had written this book 5 years earlier! Thank you for letting me read the book before it’s publication.”
-John Miller (crowdfunding investor)

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