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Adam is interviewed about token.fm on the pilot episode of “Art on the Blockchain” with DJ $crilla and IP Attorney Cynthia Gayton

Shownotes:This is Episode 1 of ART ON THE BLOCKCHAIN together with your hosts DJ J $crilla and Cynthia Gayton. In this episode we familiarize our listeners with who we’re and what our goal is with the podcast. We communicate to Adam B. Levine for an hour about tokensizing artwork, his initiatives Tokenly and token.fm and way more.

Art on the Blockchain News Discussed:

  1. Spotify has acquired Sonalytic, a UK start-up that makes use of audio identification know-how to acknowledge songs and tracks copyright protected materials. 3/7/2017information.spotify.com/us/2017/03/07/27384/

  2. Jay-Z has created, together with different associated companies, a brand new enterprise capital fund below the Roc Nation umbrella known as “Arrive” to help with branding, managing artists and representing athletes in line with their press launch. The workforce intends to work with a choose group of early stage start-ups.www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/r?’-300418165.html

  3. Simon Denny, a New Zealand born and Berlin-based artist has a solo present on the Los Angeles Hammer Museum that includes the potential purposes of blockchain. In this exhibit, he investigates three attainable futures for the business and created a sculpture for every. The exhibit closes on April 23, 2017.hammer.ucla.edu/exhibitions/2017/?’ects-simon-denny/

  4. Economist and movie maker Manuel Stagars has launched a documentary movie entitled “The Blockchain and Us” this yr. The movie is the results of twenty interviews with folks starting from authors to futurists from 5 international locations.www.manuelstagars.com/blockchain-documentary/

  5. There will probably be a Blockchain and Decentralization meetup at SXSW on March 14 from 3:30 – 4:30.schedule.sxsw.com/2017/occasions/PP96648

DJ J-$crilla’s Featured Project:

Discuss the Rare Pepe Trading phenomenon and it is makes use of on the blockchain. We discuss artists monetizing their paintings on the blockchain and buying and selling playing cards on counterparty (XCP.)

Instructions (Courtesy of @CryptoChainer)

  1. Create pockets on rarepepewallet.com
  3. Copy tackle, and ship BTC for charges
  4. Send BTC to tuxexchange.com
  5. Purchase PEPECASH at tux
  6. Send PEPECASH to RPW tackle
  7. Buy playing cards, and dwell without end
  8. Use Book of Orbs on iOS or Android for cellular expertise
  9. Existing passphrase can be utilized in Book of Orbs
  10. There is not any #10

Rare Pepe Wallet : rarepepewallet.comRare Pepe Directory: rarepepedirectory.comReddit: www.reddit.com/r/pepetraders/Facebook: www.fb.com/teams/rarepepeblockchainTelegram: t.me/rarepepegradergroupGame Website: rarepepe.partyOfficial Wallet: rarepepewallet.comA Gallery of Rares: rarepepe.galleryCentralized Pepe Auction House: pepeauctions.comPepemoney Exchange: tuxexchange.com/commerce?coin=PEPECASH&market=BTCAndroid/iOS Pepe Wallet: bookoforbs.com

Recorded at One Love Massive Headquarters in Washington DCEngineer: DJ Mike Phillipz

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