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A brand new, gripping historical past of America—instructed by the executives, bankers, farmers, and politicians who paved the way in which from colonial occasions to the current—reveals that this nation was based as a lot on the seek for wealth and prosperity as the need for freedom.

The Land of Enterprise charts the event of American enterprise from the colonial interval to the current. It explores the nation’s evolving financial, social, and political panorama by analyzing how various kinds of enterprising actions rose and fell, how new labor and manufacturing applied sciences supplanted previous ones—and at what prices—and the way Americans of all stripes responded to the tumultuous world of enterprise. In explicit, historian Benjamin Waterhouse highlights the modifications in enterprise practices, the event of various industries and sectors, and the advanced relationship between enterprise and nationwide politics.

From executives and bankers to farmers and sailors, from union leaders to politicians to slaves, enterprise historical past is American historical past, and Waterhouse pays tribute to the unnamed tens of millions who traded their labor (generally by alternative, typically not) or determined what merchandise to devour (generally knowledgeable, typically not). Their story contains those that fought in opposition to what they noticed as an oppressive system of exploitation in addition to those that defended free markets from any exterior intervention. The Land of Enterprise isn’t solely a complete look into our previous achievements, however provides clues as to methods to confront the challenges of at the moment’s world: globalization, earnings inequality, and technological change.

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