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Years into the good Bitcoin scaling debate no answer is in attain. Neither larger blocks nor Segregated Witness have wherever close to consensus assist. With the battle escalating, a Bitcoin fork has change into an actual risk.

Topics mentioned on this episode:

  • Possible outcomes embody that Bitcoin Unlimited positive factors a majority of hashing energy and begins mining larger blocks. In the occasion of a fork, a proof-of-work change may very well be accomplished to defend the minority chain from miner assaults. And recently a proposal was introduced ahead to activate SegWit with out the assist of the hashing energy.

  • Thomas Voegtlin, developer of the favored Electrum Wallet, joined us to make clear these advanced points and share his perspective on one of the best ways ahead.
    • ASICBoost and its potential function within the battle
    • How a Bitcoin fork might occur
    • How to separate cash in case of a fork
    • How UASF may very well be used to activate SegWit with out miner assist
    • Requirements for UASF to be protected
    • How Electrum would deal with a fork

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  • Jaxx: Wallets that Unify the Blockchain Experience Across Devices –

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