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Agronomy is the science and know-how of manufacturing and utilizing crops for meals, gas, fiber, and land reclamation. — Wikipedia

Co-host Michael Bright and I current the third within the Hemp Corner sequence. Those used to listening to principally about web and cryptocurrency tech could marvel why we’re exploring such an earthly and seemingly distant topic of agriculture.

As this sequence goes ahead, we will certainly be exploring the direct interfaces between web tech, cryptocurrency and the agronomy of hemp, however to begin, we discover how the character of hemp works in the direction of a typical objective: Decentralization.

Starting from the acquisition and dealing with of seeds, an entire set of latest agricultural, social and industrial choices open round hemp, choices that are largely distinctive to this fascinating

Who must be ?

  • Those who need to see “green” options.

  • Those involved with constructing neighborhood.

  • Those who want to prosper and see others prosper.

  • Those who want empower people, households and communities.

  • Those who need to see undue management transfer away from big firms.

  • Those wishing to extend particular person freedom of economics and finance.


Bumper music: Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod.


The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine

Hemp Bound — Great e-book on hemp

Do Something about It-


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