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The New Investor’s Guide To Owning A Mobile Home Park: Why cell residence park possession is the perfect funding on this economic system and step-by-step directions learn how to purchase and handle a worthwhile park Multi-park proprietor and supervisor of her personal cell residence parks, Laura Cochran, believes that proudly owning a cell residence park is the perfect funding and attainable for anybody who needs so as to add a cell residence park funding to his or her portfolio. “Purchasing a mobile home park is in my opinion, and based on my own twenty-two years of real estate and mobile home park investing, the best alternative investment for the serious investor. I think every investor should own a mobile home park, and here is why: -Low to zero vacancy rate -Steady monthly income -Predictable monthly cash flow -Good return on investment -Investor has control over cash flow and vacancy rate -Additional opportunities to increase cash flow through rent raises and eliminating utility bills via pass-through billing -Mobile home parks hold their market value and appreciate in value -There is always a demand for affordable housing found in parks -You retain your initial nest egg that you purchased the park with – your investment dollars are in tact This purchase of The New Investor’s Guide To Owning A Mobile Home Park takes you through 25-Chapters of step by step instruction, and includes SIX FREE MONTHS of unlimited park browsing on our exclusive mobile home park website as detailed in Chapter Three. Wishing you every success with your continued investing ventures as you research and discover the possibilities of adding a mobile home park to your investments.” -author Laura Cochran This Mobile Home Park investor’s information comprises the next 25 chapters: Chapter 1 W.O.W. WORKING FOR YOUR MONEY, OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, YOUR MONEY WORKING FOR YOU Chapter 2 TYPES OF PARKS Chapter 3 WHERE TO FIND PARKS FOR SALE Chapter 4 WHAT MAKES A PROFITABLE MOBILE HOME PARK: CAP RATES AND CASH FLOW Chapter 5 FINANCING: HOW CAN YOU AFFORD A MOBILE HOME PARK? HOW CAN ANYONE? Chapter 6 GETTING STARTED: INTERVIEWING BANKS Chapter 7 SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS: THE VALUE OF A CORPORATE VEIL Chapter eight YOUR PROFESSIONAL CIRCLE Chapter 9 BUYING VERSUS DEVELOPING Chapter 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE BUYING A PARK Chapter 11 WHY ARE THEY SELLING? WHAT CAN YOU FIX THAT WILL MAKE THIS PARK PROFITABLE? Chapter 12 CONGRATULATIONS- YOU BOUGHT A PARK! Chapter 13 MANAGEMENT: WHO IS GOING TO MANAGE YOUR PARK FOR YOU? Chapter 14 TIME-SAVING SOFTWARE Chapter 15 GO AWAY… AND STILL MANAGE YOUR PARK Chapter 16 PAY YOUR OWN BILLS Chapter 17 UTILITIES Chapter 18 PARK RULES Chapter 19 BE STRICT Chapter 20 COLLECTING RENT Chapter 21 NOTICES: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TENANTS FAIL TO PAY RENT Chapter 22 GOING TO COURT: FED’S AND TRIALS Chapter 23 PROBLEMS IN YOUR PARK Chapter 24 KEEPING YOUR PARK FULL AND PROFITABLE Chapter 25 STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: CHECKLIST FOR BUYING YOUR MOBILE HOME PARK

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