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The hope of Bitcoin enabling quick, frictionless micropayments is without doubt one of the guarantees of the know-how that has excited us all. But it has been a very long time coming and, particularly in Bitcoin, it has appeared a good distance off.

Enter Ryan X. Charles and “Yours.” Yours is a social media platform that can allow true micropayments that may get everybody that contributes worth to the platform to receives a commission, proportional to the worth given. Not a brand new thought, however Yours is about to show it’s going to occur. Ryan says the tech is strong and can enable Bitcoin micropayments throughout the Yours ecosystem with out altering the Bitcoin core code, and is quickly going into public testing on the CheckBitcoin community.

There are a variety of ins and outs. Listen and luxuriate in. And be inspired.


Bumper music: Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod.


Recent, thorough presentation at Triangle Bitcoin meetup

Integrating Micropayments Into the Social Product

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