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This textual content gives one of the thorough analyses of latest actual property out there available on the market. Students will apply mathematical rules together with chance, threat evaluation, worth relationships, and market effectivity to make knowledgeable choices when leveraging investments. Coupled with the companion textual content Real Estate Finance, this textbook gives college students an unparalleled breadth of actual property data to make sure they keep forward of the variables of the market. Contents: Fundamental Issues in Real Estate Investment Analysis: The Real Estate Investment Decision; Investment Strategy and Market Efficiency; Land Utilization and the Rental Value of Real Estate – Market Research and Cash-Flow Forecasting: Market Research Tools and Techniques; Reconstructing the Operating History; Forecasting Income and Property Value – Using Borrowed Money: Financial Leverage and Investment Analysis; Credit Instruments and Borrowing Arrangements; The Cost of Borrowed Money – Income Tax Considerations: Fundamental Income Tax Issues; Tax Consequences of Property Disposal – Measuring Investment Performance: Traditional Measures of Investment Worth; Discounted Cash-Flow Analysis; Investment Goals and Decision Criteria – The Risk Element: Risk in Real Estate Investment; Traditional Risk-Adjustment Methods; Contemporary Risk Measures; Risk Management in a Portfolio Context – Plus More

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